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DCS World 2.5

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Lista de cambios de la versión Open Beta


Y mis ultimos "resumentes" (en ingles), si estais interesados, los hago en español.

Resumen del 28 de Julio de 2019

Objetos 3D actualizados en la versión Open Beta

Y a fecha de hoy, todas los modelos 3D de unidades IA por venir.

Tengo que montar el estado del "Roadmap" de DCS World a mediados de 2019.... pero va a ser largo... 🙂

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Entrevista de Wags en MudSpike sobre lo que se esta trabajando y planes en DCS World.

Single player / multiplayer dynamic campaign system on planned to 2021:

- Real Time Strategy (RTS) element
-- Resources
-- Strategic nodes and routes
-- War production
-- Ground forces
-- Strategic objectives
-- Ground force route planning
-- Tasking orders
- User interface that will allow to configure a campaign and tune the RTS engine
Follow on:
- Economic aspects
-- factories
-- warehouses
-- materials logistics that transport resources

Mission editor:
- Placement of units and objects in the 3D world on To-do list (required previously Mission Editor rewrite and DCS World re-coding).
- More flight attack options like multi-axis attacks
- More options to control the reaction of ground forces (needed for a better Combined Arms product)

3D units:
- Oil Tanker unit no a priority yet.

New ATC/AI improvements:
- focused on aircraft carrier communications (departure, marshal, approach, tower, and LSO)
- next tasks overhaul airfield radio communications.

Weather improvements:
-developing a new cloud system
-support clouds including cumulus, cumulonimbus, cirrus, etc, include multilayered cloud structures.

IFF implementation:
-Mode 4 operations.
-automatic modes coming with AZ/EL radar mode
-Later coming Mode 1, 2, and 3
-later coming accurate IFF simulation for the Viper

In-game voice communication (VIOP):
- coming to Late 2019
- Stage 1 rooms for two sides
- Stage 2 user created rooms
- Stage 3 radio modulation and frequency

VR Improvements and engine:
- New Graphic engine on GPU Multi-Threading and the Vulkan API in develop.

Module Update and Improvements
- Ka-50 and A-10C on develop
- F-5E can follow

Comunity suport:
- public tracking page with all project status

Naval modules
- CVN module in progress
- Arleigh Burke destroyer and Admiral Kuznetsov carrier follow
- determine the level and composition of other naval-focused content in the future.

AI improvements:
- Supercarrier deck crew
- air-to-air AI improvements
- follow air-to-surface attack AI improvements

Core product improvements:
- New terrain engine
- Dynamic campaign
- New graphics engine
- Improved night lighting
- FLIR rendering tech
- Ground radar tech
- Air-to-Surface radar rendering tech
- Improved weather (clouds, thermals, humidity, etc.)
- New and improved effects
- Integrated VOIP
- Aircraft AI improvement
- Updated replay system
- Improved unit visibility
- Improved sound engine
- Improved network code
- And other more confidential aspects…
50% of company resources are invested on the core product

Dedicate server improvements:
- improving the dedicated server code and welcome input from our clients
- Windows Service in the future
- No plans to a Linux based server

Warehouse/Resource system improvements:
- greatly updated for the dynamic campaign system

Combined Arms improvements:
- Detailed damage model system for ground units
- Improved ground unit AI decision making
- New and improved ground unit effects
- A much more detailed ground environment

Modules and maps:
- After the F-16C will come DCS: P-47D Thunderbolt, Mi-24 Hind, and Mosquito
- F-4 Phantom coming later after other module (I think Mi-24P)
- No plans to a A-6 Intruder yet and can change in the future
- P-47D plans released in Q1 2020
- New World War II assets completed A-20 and Ju-88 will be released this year
- Mosquito after P-47D expect it in 2020
- Me 262 collectiong data to simulate all systems.
- New WW2 maps on develop will announce soon.
- Korea map not in immediate plans

WW2 projects
- New maps, new units, and a new combat theater
- Highly detailed damage model
- Torpedoes on Ships and aircrafts.
- Improved sighting system
- Improved aircraft AI
- New maps in development is also well suited to our current stable of warbirds

- after new airfield ATC system.

Mi-24P Hind module:
- intuitive means to command the other crew member to accomplish basic sets of tasks

Yak-52 module:
- start to work on final phase on Q1 2020

Team allocations:
- The staff working on MAC, Hornet, Viper and other such products are different from those working on the core DCS World features

Belsimtek (BST):
- Has not been in existence for a long time and they were then merged back into Eagle Dynamics
- Much of our modern aircraft team is focused on the F/A-18C, F-16C, and Mi-24 Hind

SuperCarrier Module:
- Supercarrier briefing room is designed to allow players to view the briefing, arm their jets, watch the PLAT CAM, and walk to the jet.
- not be delivered during the early access period

Wags Wishlist
- One of the features I would like to see is a robust squadron management role playing element.

MAC and FC
- MAC continue Grown
- FC series will continue but turn on MAC

F-16 module:
- PIDS/PIDSU Perhaps at a later point, but not in our current planning


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