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Belsimtek F-4E


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Belsimtek confirma el desarrollo del cazabombardero F-4E Phantom II



After release of Tiger and Magnificent Eight at the end of 2016 almost all our effort was relayed to development of F/A-18 DCS module in cooperation with Eagle Dynamics. In this project we are handling dynamics, avionics and systems, FCS (Flight Control System) included.


In parallel we continue our work on exciting project for fans of combat helicopters - the attack helicopter Mi-24P (was a long time since we pleased our helicopter enthusiasts, and ourselves as developers, by a war machine with rotor dynamics).


Also we started development of the famous fighter-bomber F-4E.


We are planning to post updates about each project in future.


Wish you to have a great time learning available DCS World modules and hope you will like quality of the upcoming ones.


With respect,

Belsimtek Team.

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  • Miembro LF

Actualización de Belsimtek del F-4E, parece que esto está tomando desarrollo activo en cuestión de sistemas, interesante la implementación del sistema LORAN. Además siguen con el desarrollo conjunto del F/A-18C con ED.


Here is development progress of F-4E since our last update:


First of all F-4E made its "maiden flight" with its test bed flight model :)


VOR/ILS AN/ARN-127 system created;

IMU Internal Measurement Unit created and Gyroscope added to it;

LORAN receiver coding in process;

Auxiliary Digital Display Indicator added;

Digital Display Indicator added;

Work on DMAS started its complex system and its starting to appear piece by piece.

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