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DCS: World 2.0


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Changelog 2.0.4





DCS: NEVADA Test and Training Range Map - Extension Pack

Known issues: DCS Gazelle not working, will be fixed soon


DCS World

ME. Attack point circle on the map restored

Debriefing. The duplicate tasks and aircraft names in the General Debriefing Data will be filtered

Added clickable radio-menu

AI UH-1H will not able to fly with broken tail rotor

MP. Added keyboard shortcut (F5) to refresh a list of servers in the lobby

MP. Lobby. The task column was replaced with an airfield column.

MP. Fixed bug that causes a no restriction movement of F11 view after ESC pressing

Simulation ESC menu. Added Audio Option panel button

Simulation ESC menu. Added Quit to Desktop button

Crash when trying to take control (jump into) of AI helicopter with vertical velocity more than 2 m/s has been fixed

Mission Generator. GUI Error when trying to change the starting position of vehicle company has been fixed

MP. Player kick button will visible only on server

The LOD of destroyed Kamaz-43101 model has been fixed

MP. Increased default timeouts to 300 seconds

MP. Network protocol changed (version 2.0.4 incompatible with 2.0.3)

Added new 3D models: KRAZ truck and Merkava 4 MBT.

Il-78 tanker. Added lights animation to UPAZ refueling pod.

Playable aircraft will not explode when reach negative altitude

Bug causing some buildings invisible to client and host is fixed

AI wingman will not fly away from the map after tanker destruction

Name of airfields in the radio menu corrected

“On Shot” trigger will work with manpads


DCS Hawk T.1 by VEAO

Aden gun pod fire and ejector positions updated.

Brake pressure gauges now functional.

Transponder panel now active (for future functionality).

Gun and stores stick flaps animated correctly.

External textures optimized.

Kneeboard updated for authentic Hawk checklists (see install instructions in kneeboard folder).

New Nevada airfields and beacons for TACAN, VOR and ILS added.

Rear seat switching implemented for single player including functionality:

Press 2 and 1 to switch cockpits (can also assign to joystick).

Click spots updated for rear seat functionality.

Flap and gear control (clickable and joystick) implemented, including emergency flap and gear.

Flap and gear indicators functional.

Hydraulics and brake pressure gauges implemented.

Parking brake, Anti-Skid, Oxygen switch and AC/DC buttons all implemented.

HSI, Standby ADI, DGI and pressure settings switches, buttons and knobs functionality implemented.

All rear cockpit dash gauges implemented.

HSI Tacan / ILS navigation and glideslope functions implemented.

Beacon light and test implemented.

Accelerometer reset implemented.

CWP indicators functional including test switch.

Attention light reset switches implemented.

Land/Taxi light switch implemented.

Cockpit lighting switches, including dimmers, implemented.

Cockpit lighting WIP for FPS improvements.

CCS box implemented; VHF/UHF/ILS/Tacan (tune radios in front cockpit).

Canopy locking lever and safety catch implemented. Note: there is no grab handle in the back, press LCtrl+C to close or front cockpit grab handle).

Engine start / re-light sequence implemented. You can start the jet from the back but some switches in front need to be set (Ignition, Battery, LP Fuel Cock and Fuel Pump).

Weapons indicator panel functional and tied to front cockpit switch functionality (indicator lights show what has been set in the front).

Weapon override switch functional (set to override to disable firing of weapons).

Weapon jettison button functional.


Ability to ride-along in the rear seat in Player 2 slot on multi-player servers.

New night lighting implemented in both cockpits.


DCS Ka-50

Bug with ABRIS that Eastings coordinates off by 1 degree has been fixed

Animation of ejection sequence fixed

Parking brake fixed

Fire exhaust effect for Ka-50's APU has been added

Searchlight will be synchronized between clients in multiplayer


DCS L-39

Anti-ice system switch will be OFF at cold start

ADI failure lamp will lit when AC power is missing

Corrected latitude value on GMK-1

Cockpits sounds will depend of corresponding canopy state, forward cockpit by forward canopy and rear cockpit by rear canopy.

Emergency generator extension will be visible on net phantoms.

RadioCommandDialogPanel error when MP client second time occupied the rear cockpit has been fixed



Steerpoint marker on HUD will not floating

The parasitic elements of external 3D model were removed from cockpit

Fixed click sound for some cockpit switches

UHF radio tone sound will not heard without electrical power

TAD symbols will not disappearing

Second AIM-9 missile will have a seeker indication on HUD



Inverted spin has been simulated.

UHF Radio - Hinged Access Door will be opened.

AIM-9 tone will not be heard if both wingtips gone off.

Landing gear audible warning will be heard when warning test switch enabled.

TACAN channel selector animation corrected.

Fixed RWR sound issues with new contacts.

Wing bend and twist due to G-loads has been corrected.

Changing TACAN channel will not interrupt current radio chat.

Input: Added some axis commands for TDC, rudder trim, lights etc.

With the start in the air the F-5E will be trimmed on the assigned speed like it is implemented for all other aircraft.

Aileron limiter now disabled at cold start.

Single player missions added.

Added inert and training stores.

Added wing damage with high G overload.

Drag chute can not be fully deployed without any airstream.

Drag chute model corrected.

Fixed missing right wing light halo

Corrected training missions triggers (setting course).

Some corrections to Flight Manual

Added pilot to cockpit

Fixed fuel pressure lights simultaneously going off after single engine start

Fixed oxygen pressure gage showing 0 after turning off supply lever

Fixed chaff program execution when single flare is selected

Added IFF input commands


DCS F-86

Fixed incorrect effect of flap deflection on pitching moment



Su-33: Autopilot mode indication will work

Su-33. Digital fuel indicator repaired

Su-25T. Engine sound will not disappear in cockpit when RPM<36% and RPM>98%

F-15C. The override possibility of TWS 30 degree scan to 60 degree scan has been eliminated

F-15C. TDC will not be slewed by mouse to outside the scan zone

Su-27. Incorrect indication of fuel quantity when starting in air has been fixed

Su-27. Flight control system with AOA and G-limiter has been adjusted

Su-27. Autopilot has been adjusted

Su-27. Tires strength has been adjusted


DCS Fw 190 D-9

Pilot model in cockpit is able to be disabled

The decreasing of fuel via refueling dialog will not affect to MW50 quantity

Keyboard commands for reticle brightness control has been Inverted



Player's role changing will be reproduced in track

External F2 camera will do not zooming out on certain angles

The missing a pilot's skin fragments were restored

Side machineguns control by TrackIR and mouse has been refactored

‘Hot start’ fire is now visible for other clients in multiplayer

Search and landing lights will be synchronized between clients in multiplayer



Autopilot yaw channel and pedals keyboard control has been reverted

Taxi & landing lights will enabled when hot start on ground at night

APU exhaust fire is now visible for other clients in multiplayer


DCS C-101 by AvioDev

New items not present in latest 1.5.5 version:

Added provisional kneeboard with C-101EB checklist.

Finished rear cockpit fuel and engine panels.

Coded landing lights switches for rear cockpit.

Coded rear cockpit pitot heat korry button.

Fixed korry covers (now you need to open the cover to be able to click the korry).

Fixed batteries 50ºC temperature korry indication for rear cockpit.

TACAN X/Y channel have got click sound.

Rear cockpit emergency canopy lever coded.

Pitot heat and engine anti-ice systems will reset their state when power is lost.

TACAN control panel switches and Intercom TCN knobs are properly set up now at mission start.

Fixed animation for TACAN X/Y channel knob and indication.


Items already present in latest 1.5.5 version:

Reworked EB stall system test and indication (AOA/STALL warning light will now lit only when stall system is OFF or when the system is in test. Normal system operation, when AOA is over limit - pedals vibration and sound. RESET/OFF/TEST switch was made spring-loaded for both positions).

Implemented rear cockpit Korry buttons (ESS bus transfer, L/R battery isolate, Emergency aileron disconnect).

Added the following clickability/indication in rear cockpit: GPU korry button, fuel tanks red/green flags, fuel quantity indicator, fuel panel korry buttons, ignition light test, engine computer and engine anti-ice korry buttons.

Fixed cockpit mechanism.

Removed -1000 ft limit for altimeters.

Reworked ejection seat model and labels.

Updated autostart sequence.

Fixed and finished all cockpit texture.

Now GPU can only be connected by using radio menu, deleted its keyboard function.

Fixed problem with the front cockpit being clickable from the rear one.

Fixed cockpit specular texture.

TACAN will work in all theaters now.

TACAN panel animation and clickability updated.

Terrain masking is correctly accounted now.

TACAN ID audio can be switched on/off now via intercom in the rear cockpit.

AA TACAN is functional now.

Test function was fixed, automatic self-test function was added (starts after 3 sec timeout, when TACAN station signal is lost). Test function can be interrupted by selecting another channel, or switching mode dial to another mode.

TACAN ranging function can be turned off by pulling TACAN DME circuit breaker.


DCS M-2000 by RAZBAM


PCA Lights.

TAS radar mode selection.

PCA mode selection.

CCIP TAS accuracy.

CCRP TAS accuracy.


Bug fixes:

safety paddles remain up for AI

Intercom fuel switch broken

Texture mapping issue (cockpit)

Document handler issue (cockpit)

"Boule" Pole position cold & dark: incorrect

"Boule" bank angle issue

Rockets (PPA) - problem with PAR

V/UHF Panel Issues

Dark Canopy fix for external model

Missing kneeboard texture on pilot's body model

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  • Miembro LF

DCS: World 2.0.4 Update 1 disponible



DCS Update 1


Added support of the new F-5E Aggressors Basic Fighter Maneuvers Campaign by Maple Flag

SA342 Gazelle. Restored functionality of helicopter in DCS 2.0.4

Crash of VR with SFM planes has been fixed

A-10C. Cockpit mirrors will not be blurred now

A-10C. Simplified radio restored

Ka-50. The ABRIS search function restored

The smoke trails effect corrected. The smoke trails will not appear in front of aircraft and missiles.

Missile smoke trail will not disappear at some distances

The “Unit is dead” trigger will work correctly

L-39. The taxi and landing lights will be enabled at hot start

Mission generator. The error when China Su-27 is selected has been fixed

The aircraft laser designator will not pass through buildings and missiles will not aim to laser spot behind the illuminated building

PAI : Group take off on narrow runways fixed, A/C will take off in pairs

PAI: hazardous approach after landing fixed

Fast mission generator: corrected mission launch when terrain is not chosen

Merkava Mk.4: coaxial and AA machine guns ammo corrected up to 2*5000 rounds

VR devices: extremely low FPS fixed

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  • Miembro LF

Changelog de la 2.0.5 y añadido del Spitfire Mk.IX en el Alpha



DCS 2.0.5 changelog


Added support of DCS Spitfire IX.

DCS World

Added cargo name in status bar.

Helicopters. When track replays, helicopter "rudder trimmer" local settings will not apply. Only track settings will work.

Script Crash player with querying groups of Mi-8 and UH-1H will not bring crash.

FARP and cargo objects will be able to selecting and then viewed via the F10 map.

Ground units life in the trigger condition will correspond to lifebar indication.

Marker smoke of cargo unload zone will work at 2 km distance and closer.

Multiplayer. Server port can be reassigned in Multiplayer GUI.

VR. Tool tip box size corrected.

VR: Training mission helper cursor and highlight box will be visible.

Mission generator. Fixed error that appears with generating mission for some aircraft.

Fixed GUI error when using 'Nav. targets points' in ME.

Fixed GUI error when tried to change object type for object that already used in advanced task

Su-25T. Corrected payload with one jammer pod. Added second jammer pod.

Custom cockpit liveries now can be placed in C:\Users\<USERNAME>\Saved Games\DCS\Liveries folder (for example liveries for F-86 cockpit can be placed here: "C:\Users\<USERNAME>\Saved Games\DCS\Liveries\Cockpit_F-86F Sabre").

Antiradiation missiles. Corrected guidance system. Corrected launch zone calculation.

GBU-12 guidance corrected.

Mouse cursor will disappear when idle.

Mission generator. Mission generator will create radio presets section in mission file.

Training missions. Local player callsign will be correct.

MQ-9 Reaper. Camo liveries corrected.

Unit.getRadar() function now will return ‘true’ for tracking radars part of SAM complex.

Chinese speech support added.

TOW Bradley M2 launch interval decreased to 2 sec

SAM Avenger too small launch interval in some cases corrected

SAM Stinger (Igla) launch event now appears in briefing

Ground unit weapons name in briefing corrected

ATGM launch delay when units belong the same group removed

Ground unit now continues deploy process after AI switching OFF and ON

Ground Search Radar becomes inactive (but remains rotates) when get 50% damage.

Updated 3D model of MiG-29S (9-13S).

All waypoints for ground start helicopters are checked for valid terrain.

Aerobatics. AI planes will not turn left after loop maneuver instead flying straight.

Added F-5E-3 skins by winners of F-5E skin contest.

Added updated Kilo class submarine.

AI SAMs will not shooting to dead aircraft

Fixed bug that caused to AI wingmen not starting up in some missions.

MiG-29A/C collision model edited. MIG-29s will not explode on take off or landing



Ka-50 cockpit sounds updated.



Fuel leakage from damaged fuel tank decreased

AHRS will not work when related CB'S are off

Fuel flow from external tanks corrected

Fixed landing gear alternate release

Roll trimmer motion rate decreased

Fixed frequent CADC failures.

Gear doors are open at cold start.

Added the section for use GBU-12 bombs in the Flight Manual



Su-27. Added axes for separated pedal wheel brakes and nose wheel steering control

Su-27. Emergency brake handle added into cockpit.

Su-33. Refueling probe will not appears inside cockpit.

Su-33. Emergency brake and Emergency hook handles added into cockpit.


DCS L-39

Added trimmer synchronization in multiplayer

Engine can be stopped in air when "solo flight" option enabled

Flaps control buttons will return into upper position after flaps moving finished

Turn Coordinator deflection corrected

Fixed GMK heading synchronization in multiplayer



Damaged pitot system can be repaired.

Player will not be able to interact with cockpit after all crew members are dead.



Air refueling sound will not play after disconnecting from tanker

Corrected damage model of engine nacelles.


DCS MiG-21bis

Fixed misaligned Taxi Lights

Fixed various external model (LOD) errors

Corrected R-13M and R-13M1 missile performance

Fixed anti-skid regardless of nose wheel brake

Corrected FM roll inertia

Corrected R-55 & RS-2US performance

Adjusted In-Ground Effect (IGE)


DCS M-2000C

Added dynamic nose and tail numbering

Added slight buffet at very high pitch rates

Added airfoil aerodynamic force shift back with mach

Updates to jammer switch functionality based on community feedback

Updates to reduce control effectiveness at high AOA

Updates to AP control tuning (some regimes still WIP)

Updates to various AP logic (some features still WIP)

Updates to afterburner fuel flow schedule (lower fuel flow with altitude as expected)

Updates to afterburner performance for acceleration timing (reduced from previous)

Updates to transonic drag modeling for performance and accelerating timing (greatly increased drag from previous)

Updates to external fuel tank and 530D parasite drag values for performance and acceleration timing (minor increase)

Updates to low speed AOA recovery control law for better response

Updates to airfoil tables and stability coefficients to better match sustained turn rate charts (in general before had too high subsonic, too low supersonic)

Updates to hydraulic system damage model

Fixed AP still in standby when re-engaged when AP was previously turned off while in standby

Fixed AP not allowed to disengage when in standby

Fixed FBW gains on ground behavior

Fixed some typos in tooltips

Fixed a minor blending issue in FBW control laws

Fixed engine inlet mass flow too high at high AOA

Fixed engine efficiency at altitude and at idle (reduced)

Fixed minor issue with drag reduction due to slats (reduction was too high previously)

Fixed INS flight plan no longer will reset when rearming or refueling


DCS C-101 by AvioDev

New 3D external model, textures and liveries.

New 3D cockpit model and part of the textures.

Pilot model updated.

Main altimeter got updated behaviour (lagging) when the internal vibrator is OFF.

Fixed main altimeter negative altitudes display.

Fixed a minor glitch in altimeters with the pointer jump, when the baro setting is changed during aircraft climbing/descending.

Barometric setting is not affected now by the pointer stuck due to the internal vibrator being OFF.

Rear cockpit STARTER CB will prevent engine starter operation when is pulled (works in parallel with the forward cockpit CB).

Fixed rear cockpit TARSYN control panel and FD annunciator panel.

Made clock chronometer seconds hand moving discretely (4 steps per a second).

Clock chronometer seconds hand will move backwards, when earlier time is set and chronometer was operating.

Fixed CAWS lights ON/OFF and dimming logic when battery cycled ON and OFF.

Modified cockpit snap views and default cockpit view.

Fixed smoke control panel layout.

Fixed smoke CB position.

Modified smoke colour.

GPU sound is heard now at external views.

Added new sounds in the cockpit: canopy, canopy lock/ safety handles, canopy detachment lever, parking brake handle, emergency gear extension lever, ejection handle.

Added a specific 'buzz' sound, which is heard once batteries are ON.

Sounds for canopy move and open/close locks and the 'buzz' sound are heard at external views now.

Added a quiet 'clicking' sound in cockpit. It is heard when the secondary DC bus is energized.

Added sound for UHF knobs.

Changed several cockpit sounds from mono to stereo.

Adjusted delays, open/close, lock/unlock, squeeze/release timings in the canopy animation.

The canopy safety catch (release handle) now can be squeezed with the canopy locked - the canopy will open immediately, once the canopy lever is unlocked.

Canopy animation updated.

Fixed View axis commands for Joystick Inputs.

Fixed magnetic compass light switch.

Selected second cockpit controls can be heard now from the other cockpit.

Fixed ADI display.

Added CN version of C-101 EB Flight Manual.

Added stairs and helmet to cockpit view when aircraft is off and canopy opened.

Other seat pilot's head is now animated in the cockpit.

Wheel chocks and stairs work correctly now in flyable aircraft.

Fixed external lights panel.

Fixed AI external lights logic.

Fixed landing light position.

Fixed cockpit mirror animation.

Pilot's helmet glass in first-person view implemented (‘H’ key by default).

Forward cockpit canopy will be teared off if it was not locked, once the ejection sequence has been started on ground.

Ejection safety pin now disables the eject handle clickspot until the safety pin is pulled.

Ejection seat model updated.

Deleted fuel flow test button from rear cockpit.


DCS Combined Arms

BMP-1 and BMD-1 now have common sight for all the turret armaments.

Fixed missile armament “hangup” in mode of “missile guidance”.

Voice message “enemy burn” will not play when destroying infantries.

Fixed inverted lengthwise swinging of unit body while accelerating or braking in reverse gear.

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  • Miembro LF

DCS: World 2.0.5 Update 1 Changelog


DCS Update 1 Changelog


DCS AJS-37 Viggen by Leatherneck integrated.


DCS World

S-25OF rocket engine plume increased.

Sweden is in the blue coalition by default.

Adjusted propeller drawing procedure for correct blur appearance.

ME. Trigger zone could be set below 100 meter radius.

MiG-29S. Errors of external 3D model corrected.

Force Feedback with Saitek Cyborg Evo Force joystick restored (need to add ‘input.blacklist_ffb = false’ line into \Saved Games\DCS\autoexec.cfg file).

SA-15 Tor. Rearming restored.

MP. F10 map will works correctly after mission changing.

Game crash when player issues command Group.destroy() to their own group fixed.

Fire effect of BetAB-ShP piercing concrete bomb booster corrected.

Aircraft without internal gun will have gunpod sound.


DCS Hawk by VEAO

AHRS failure on re-spawn fixed.

HYD2 pressure loss on re-spawn fixed.

Keyboard pitch control now auto re-centers preventing HYD bleed during flight.

Swiss textures being black in F1 and F2 view fixed.

Liveries: “Finland HW-329 Green Brown” added to country Finland.

Liveries: “Finland HW-341 Grey” made more matte and wrong liveries name fixed (was “HW-373 Grey” instead of “HW-341 Grey”)

External canopy glass made more transparent.

Updates to EFM flight model.



Added full support of hieroglyphs for the binoculars interface.

Crash when controlled Igla collides with building fixed.

Crash when player leaves ground unit with turned ON radar view fixed.



Muzzle flashes will not appear inside cockpit.


DCS Spitfire IX

Changed altimeter set pressure scale from ATA to millibars.


DCS Flaming Cliffs 3

Su-25. Gunsight reticle indication of range is corrected.


DCS C-101 by AvioDev

Fixed collision model to improve FPS, especially when flying close to some objects.

Improved flaps external model.

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Nuevas capacidades de la 2.1, posibilidad de cambiar el numeral y el Skin del aparato desde la pantalla de rearmado



y nuevas opciones en el menu de configuración.






4U86PYf.jpgy aparece la marina china (PLAN) en DCS: World (2.1) con el destructor Type 052B 168 Guangzhou



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