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Trackir 5.4.0 para descarga


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New Features


Added a toggle setting: "Automatically Minimize On TrackIR Enhanced Title Launch." In prior versions of the software, this behavior would always occur.

Feature Enhancements


Joystick/controller hotkeys now correctly differentiate between devices, rather than treating e.g. "Button0" on every device as identical.

The 2D camera view is now horizontally mirrored (similar to a standard webcam) for a more intuitive user experience. If desired, it's possible to revert to the previous behavior using the viewport context menu; see the manual for details.



Fixed an issue where certain settings (including template curves) might not be correctly migrated to per-user settings directory.

Fixed an issue where certain NVIDIA GPUs might step down to a lower power state while the TrackIR software was active.

Fixed an issue where the settings pane could appear truncated at large vertical resolutions.

Fixed an issue where hotkeys bound to recenter would trigger a second time on release, rather than just when pressed.

Fixed an issue where mouse hotkeys could exhibit noticeable latency.

Fixed a crash when resizing the window after the hardware had been disconnected.

Clarified the text of several error messages.

Fixed ranges of speed/smoothing slider increment buttons.

Increased default splitter width to remove unnecessary horizontal scrollbar from settings pane.

Known Issues


Since version 5.3.0, the TrackIR software requires Windows Vista or newer, and can no longer be used with Windows XP or below.


Ya han arreglado el bug que postee :good:

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