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Parche tocho en BoS (1.03)


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Aqui os meto el changelog... Mas de 1Gb de parche y muchas muchas mejoras:


Dear customers of IL-2: Sturmovik!


Today we complete another stage of Battle of Moscow development and present you another milestone aircraft - P-40E-1 fighter. Those who pre-ordered Battle of Moscow premium edition and have Battle of Stalingrad can fly it right away (other BoS players can fight against it in Quick missions).


In addition to P-40 fighter this update also brings numerous improvements for joint BoS and BoM platform. Complete list of them can be found below.


P-40E-1 has some unique features available for the first time in our project:

1. Ultra-violet lighting of cockpit gauges, information plates, needles and labels

2. Tail wheel steering controlled by rudder pedals via sping-loaded "soft" rods with special mechanism of "steer control cut" when wheel is declined more than 30°

3. Six M2 Browning .50 cal machine guns have 5% more combined 1 second burst energy than Fw 190 A-3 with gun pods. This makes P-40 the new leader among the fighters in our project in terms of firepower.

4. Green sun filter on gun sight :-)


Changelist of version 1.103:


1. P-40E fighter is availble for those who pre-purchased premium edition of Battle of Moscow, other players will be able to see it as an enemy.

2. DServer and overall multiplayer stability improved, found memory leaks fixed.

3. High-G effects are working again.

4. AI pilots correctly use rockets against ground targets.

5. AI pilots behavior tuned for higher skill levels, aces are now more aggressive.

6. AI pilots pursue and attack fleeing air targets better.

7. AI pilots better attack targets flying at low level.

8. AI avoid a fleeing target better (previously it could crash into it after attacking).

9. AI should no longer 'stuck' and fly into the ground during low level dogfight (was a random issue).

10. Ju-87 AI flight members better assign targets between them.

11. Bombers and transport planes don't make evasive maneuvers in high priority flight mode.

12. AI pilots now return to base after spending all ammo.

13. A high level AI takes into account only enemy fighters while making decision to attack (previously they could cease an attack against a large group of any enemy planes).

14. AI pilots now correctly drop their bombs with a player after being ordered 'do like me'.

15. AI pilots now drop all smaller bombs or launch all smaller rockets at once while engaging a single target to reduce the time being under fire.

16. AI pilots maneuver for attack runs almost two times quicker than before.

17. AI wingmen take off on their own if flight leader (player) took off without following take off procedure.

18. A signal flare is correctly visible to multiplayer clients.

19. AI should no longer continuously turn engine boost on and off (happened in some combat situations).

20. AI correctly turns engine boost off after disengaging.

21. Default trimming for airplanes with manually controlled stabilizer has been changed from trimming by stabilizer to trimming by trimming tabs.

22. Default trimming for all airplanes is set to standard atmosphere, 3000 m altitude, horizontal flight at maximum unlimited engine mode.

23. Trimming reset command now resets rudder and aileron trimmers to neutral position (instead of cruise flight position as it was before).

24. Altimeters now indicate negative altitude if a plane altitude is lower than airfield altitude and altimeter is set to airfield altitude.

25. Air speed indicator delay reduced.

26. MC.202 engine could be damaged by exceeding 2450 RPM and keeping boost in continuous mode.

27. MC.202 targeting reticle adjusted.

28. Bomb air fuse is now animated, it rotates and disappears after a correct amount of rotations, arming a bomb.

29. Bomb fuses reworked, air fuses and electromagnetic fuses implemented.

30. Graphical interface optimized to reduce memory footprint and fragmentation (this should improve overall application stability).

31. Plane marker in F2 camera mode should no longer blink at a certain distance.

32. Your last position in Scenarios menu subfolders is correctly stored.

33. Additional logging added to find a source of incorrect colors in multiplayer chat and ladder. If you see an incorrect color (enemy instead of friendly for example) please make a screenshot, close the game and send <game_folder>\data\_gui.log file to us (via forum or support).

34. User interface should no longer hang in case of lost connection with a master server.

35. FPS should no longer severely drop during opening a topographic map using O button.

36. If an object is inside an area of forward observer, its marker will no longer turn grey at larger distances.

37. Time should be displayed correctly during track replay.

38. It's now possible to tune a color of lines and zones on the mission map for custom missions (10,0,0 - enemy color, 0,0,10 - friendly color).

39. Issued commands will no longer 'stuck' during track replay.

40. Now you can use the mouse to look around an object (without the need to turn the interface off using H button) in track replay mode.

41. Camera no longer switches to external view after a failed bail out attempt (because of too low of an altitude).

42. Engine sound of destroyed ground vehicles is removed correctly now.

43. Destroyed rail wagons can't 'teleport' to a nearby railway any longer (a rare issue).

44. DShK fire effect now works correctly.

45. Effects work correctly in MP game (previously an intact vehicle could emanate smoke like a damaged one).

46. Multiple instances of bomb impact effects.

47. Flight leader now correctly addresses a forward observer when entering its area.

48. Check Zone and Proximity triggers now work in multiplayer.

49. Waypoints in campaign are placed further away from enemy airfields.

50. Tactics overlay (frontline) in campaign is shown not only during mission selection, but in mission briefing and on flight map as well.



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