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Modificación para poder usar SkymaxxPro + nubes default


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Sent 01 July 2016 - 07:00 PM






I've uploaded the script files here:



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To activate the clouds, place "Default_cloud_enabler_SMP.lua" into your "Resources\plugins\FlyWithLua\Scripts\" folder.


(to remove it, delete the file and place ""Default_cloud_disabler_SMP.lua" into the same folder)




The recommended settings are: about 5000km² cloud coverage in SMP and clouds setting at 10% (lowest setting) in the X-Plane menu.





In addition to the above, I highly recommend the following (optional) addons:


"3J clouds" script (which makes clouds puffier and also improves performance)






and "HD clouds V2" for textures:








You can of course try for yourself and adjust some of the settings if you like. You may also want to edit some of the skycolour files so that the default clouds color matches the SMP ones.


Personally I think this combination of SMP + default clouds is the best weather rendering I've seen in X-Plane, as it combines the advantages of both.


Of course, all credit belongs to the guy who made the script - unfortunately I can't remember who it was and can't look it up because the file has been deleted...




Cheers! :smile:



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